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He experimented, as a boy, as a self-taught and voluntary apprentice in the world of technology, especially information technology. Deepens initially the knowledge of IT context, through the reading and study of specialized magazines, blogs and forums. Starting from the second year of the secondary school in Computer Science, he devoted himself mainly in the area of IT networks, from development to management. In particular through the creation of client-server environments through the use of virtual machines (VM). It also studies and tests the process that leads to software development through projects personal, school and university.


  • IP Networking
  • DNS
Languages, Operating Systems & Tools
  • Java
  • Python
  • git
  • linux
  • bash
  • php
  • jquery
  • javascript
Platform Development & Administration
  • Bitbucket
  • Gitlab
  • GitHub
  • MySQL
  • Wordpress
Data Management
Containers & Cloud


University of Bari, Bari (Italy)

Doctor of Computer Science Security
Computer Science Security
Mark: 110L

I learned about GDPR, Logic, Distributed systems and Cloud, Computer Forensics, Penetration Test.

Fixing the installer and optimizing the GNU / Linux distribution CAINE 12. PDF
The thesis concerns the optimization of the Linux forensic distro CAINE 12.4 and the improvement of its installer. That is, the work that has been carried out, as requested by the Project Manager Dr. Nanni Bassetti, involves the Ubiquity installer, present in the distributions derived from Ubuntu, the GRUB bootloader and the management of coexistence with Windows 10/11. Another problem was identified in the use of the distribution and as a symptom it presented a system bootloop from the second boot of the installed system. Through careful analysis, the cause of this problem was identified in the Rbfstab program, which has the task of mounting the partitions not inherent to the operating system in read-only mode.
2020 - 2022

University of Bari, Bari (Italy)

Doctor of Computer Science
Information Technology and Technologies for Software Production

Degree course focused on Software Development, which also includes the study of the teachings of “Computer Networks “, “Database Design “, “Statistics “, “Business Management “, “Application development for Android “, “NOSQL Database “, “Numerical Calculation " and “Analysis and Design of Software Systems "

A distributed system solution to integrate different devices within a smart home. PDF
This thesis focused on measuring the performance of IoT protocols for message transmission in the event of network packet loss.
2016 - 2020

Industrial Technical Institute “Nervi Galilei”, Altamura (Italy)

Computer Science and Telecommunication Diploma
Excellent knowledge of Java, SQL, Networking, PHP

2010 - 2015


Computer technician

Direct Assistance, Altamura (Italy)

Self-help work with desktop and notebook repair experience, desktop computer assembly, hardware assistance, software and networking. Skills in installation and maintenance of Windows programs in the various professional and domestic editions, and Linux

2014 - Present

System administrator in Windows and Networking

Logos Informatica, Altamura (Italy)

Internship achieved through the second grade high school in the Logos Informatica company in Altamura where I deepened my knowledge of the world of systems engineering

March 2014 - May 2014

Computer technician in apprenticeship

Helios 2000, Altamura (Italy)

Collaboration with a professional studio for the sale of IT products, website design and maintenance, computer network maintenance. Develop skills in web programming through the use of WordPress CMS and PHP, Javascript and CSS languages.

2013 - 2014

Knowledge Discovery in Databases Project

This project is about the Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), a field of computer science that has the goal of extracting interesting and unknown information from raw data. I will illustrate the 7 phases which are required to realize this process. Data are about an Intrusion Detection System.

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Python Task Scheduler

The “Python Task Scheduler” is a task scheduler to plan the execution of others software in particular certain moment or on the basis of some intervals. The description of it works is specified by a text file based on basic cron syntax, a Linux software.

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Full disk image: creating and opening in Linux

In this guide I will explain how do a full disk image and successively mount it.

September 10, 2021

How to create a theme for Hugo with support for multilingual data files

In this guide I will explain how to create a Hugo theme page that displays data from the data folder for a multilingual site. In order for this to be possible, the versions of the files in the data folder must be placed in subfolders with the language code as their name. For example if we have a multilingual site in Italian and English and the file has the name bio.

June 20, 2020

How to create a future payment with PayPal in PHP

PayPal allows you to create a payment whose completion, i.e. the withdrawal and receipt of money, will take place later. This article will explain how to use this functionality in a web application using PHP.

May 5, 2020
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